Jeremy Light

We engaged Leanne first to conduct online research to collect data on regulators, regulations and the payments environments in many different countries around the world. There is no central source of this type of information, so it required legwork to research each country systematically, and Upwork was the first place we went to find a researcher.

Although Leanne was unfamiliar with the subject matter, she quickly came up to speed with it – how the information is structured, what to look for and where to look for it in each country.

As such after only an initial briefing, Leanne became self-sufficient very quickly and required very little supervision. If she was unsure about something she would contact us immediately for clarification, and she would also provide suggestions and highlight interesting additional information that was relevant.

Leanne delivered the work steadily over several months to the quality we required. She was reliable, kept us informed of progress and was diligent in providing accurate research.

Leanne gave us confidence to give her an additional project to research contacts across a large number of organisations, which she also completed on time and accurately.

Overall, Leanne is pleasant to work with, dependable, diligent and meets the brief given to her. She works flexile hours and manages her time well.

Her work and output are very consistent (which also made it possible to plan the work schedule accurately).

I recommend Leanne highly to those looking to hire her for research.

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