You’re a business owner who wants to work with a reliable copywriter and you want to cut to the chase of the services offered. 

These are my three main offerings working mainly though not exclusively with B2B SaaS business owners


You want to find out more about how you can raise your visibility and keep your customers loyal for longer.  With this package, I’ll look at what your competitors are doing well and not so well.

You will receive a report with guidance on changes and we can talk about the next steps.

As project prices change according to the requirements it would be best if we have a discovery call.   


Whether it is a blog, a newsletter or social media. You will find that I’m a reliable and flexible person to work with.

Many of my clients are based in the US so although I communicate in British English, I can write using US English as well and have done.

Contact me for samples.


As a complete book worm, this is a service that I’m happy to offer you.  You will receive two versions of the edit, one clean and one with tracked changes. 

This is also included in the writing package above where you will receive two edits.

When quoting on editing work it would be great to see a sample of the work to be edited as this can play a massive part in how long it will take to be edited.

Many of clients who have worked with me describe me as organised, caring and able to stick to deadlines. I have a background as a Web developer and I love working with new kinds of tech.

Our client – writer relationship will start with a conversation either through Zoom or whichever means you prefer. We’ll talk about the challenge you’re facing and how I can help with the solution in the form of writing, research and editing.

I’ll send you my terms and conditions and we’ll agree how many hours you would like me to work for you.

Research and writing will start within a week of our call or we will discuss when the work will be carried out. I’ll also keep you posted on how things are going through phone check ins are by mutual agreement.

I love clients who are kindred spirits, honest, friendly and respectful. If you have these qualities we will get along just great.

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