About Me

Ever since I was very young I would usually be seen with my nose in a book and even now I listen to books or podcasts on the school run, when I’m not with my son that is.

I also love getting to grips with what makes people tick, which led to my BA Hons degree in Psychology and my contemplating a MSc in the same subject.

Whilst I certainly don’t profess to be the best copywriter around;
what I would say sets me apart is my combination of different values and traits,
which include:

Responsiveness – If I can, I will and if I can’t I’ll say so. I love the same from the people I work with and for me taking ages to respond is a red flag unless it is with good reason.

Honesty – I love working with people who are transparent and without a hidden agenda and I hope that you will find the same when you work with me.

Approachability – this has worked will for me as a yoga teacher otherwise the students wouldn’t come back and it works well as a researcher/ writer because it means that if you can trust me then we can both achieve a great working relationship.

Empathy – One of the marks of a great writer and in my case, this helps when someone is under pressure. Whilst I wouldn’t want to have a client who thinks it’s appropriate to shout at me, I do understand what it is like to be under immense pressure. This comes from a few things – working on a degree, working long hours in Investment Banking (which I loved at the time) and being a mother.

Let’s build something together.

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