Voice of Client and SEO research 

As and when you want it.

You want more time to focus on what you do best without having to worry about the tasks that you don’t like or are not skilled in.

You also know that you want to grow your audience and prefer to leave the specifics to an expert (like me!) who doesn’t mind spending time analysing data on a spreadsheet or application.

I help service business owners including marketers and copywriters with with the perfect blend of SEO and Voice of Customer research – so you have the best information to complete your website by the time you need it.  

It’s not always about the web site either – I’ve also worked in a team on a pitch to sell a million dollar + SaaS company.

Connecting your web copy with your clients. 

Whether we use Voice of Copy and Search Engine Optimisation, both form a deeper connection with your clients.

If you choose to work with me, my strength is helping you to discover the themes running through what your client has to say about your service, helping you gain greater rapport with your ideal audience on a deeper level. 

This is achieved through in-depth audience research. Finding out where their pains and agitations are, then looking at the solutions.

Have you recently pulled an all-nighter? 

My research for your website frees up your time for deeper focus elsewhere.

Do you have too much work on your hands, leading to late nights, greater stress and possible burnout?  When this work is website-related and needs research to back up what you hope to deliver to your clients, this is where I come in.  

For research that allows you to gain rapport without manipulation…

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Heather Dileepan

Finding reliable partners and subcontractors in the freelance space can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily, I found Leanne, who not only delivers consistently high-quality work when she says she will (A rare quality!) but also adds new value and insights to every project that I wouldn’t have otherwise spotted. She’s my go-to whenever I need support on a project, and I appreciate her ability to jump in, own the work, and bring new ideas to the table. Leanne’s a true partner.

Sarunas Strolia

“I recently worked with Leanne where she managing our content editorial and writers, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Her organization, attention to detail, and great communication skills made a big difference in our content creation process.

I strongly recommend Leanne for anyone seeking high-quality content management and editorial services!”

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how we can work together.

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