Digital Marketing Hacks to Dominate Your Market — Week 6 Review

Make sure that your sample size is large enough and the test is long enough to reach 95% significance. Your website act like a salesperson and to understand the biases you can use which are cognitive biases such as comparison fade which is the predisposition to behave more compassionately towards a small number of identifiable victims than to a large number of anonymous ones.

The Persuasion slide Overview

Andre Morys spoke at the digital camp in 2015 and is the presenter of this module. I’m pleased to say that although I wasn’t too keen on the module at first as I found some of the videos rather boring, they definitely got much better as the module went on and even becomes interactive with some brilliant experiments that I’ll mention in this blog review for the CXL course

Morys mentioned in the introductory part of this module something similar to what Roger Dooley said in the previous module, which is not to believe A/B studies as they only show aspects of what is real. When you carry out a test make sure that it has the power to change the behaviour of the Users.

There are various factors that will encourage someone to want to purchase something and one of the influences is social proof. As part of this CXL course, Dooley mentioned a framework called The Persuasion Slide which consists of four parts:

1. The Nudge — How you get the user’s trigger

2. Gravity — the customers initial motivation

3. The Angle — the motivation that is provided be it conscious and non-conscious

4. The friction — The difficulty whether it is real or perceived.

I think that this framework process is a genius idea and I haven’t really come across something like this before. This works on a conscious and sub conscious level as well.

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This is what makes a website work. It is the why of when a person comes to you. The focus is on how what you have to offer matches up with your clients wants and needs such as in the case of the website Hussle, which shows a happy young woman in a gym. The talk of gravity reminds me of the analogy of going with the flow. When a customer buys a product or service they are going with gravity but if we have to do extra in order for a customer to buy then we are going against gravity.

As a copywriter I love the example that Dooley gave of a copy editor whose call to action was to tell the prospective buy to “Place an order”. This is completely jumping the gun because a buyer usually has to qualify the seller before they buy. For me as a yoga teacher and writer, buyers have the opportunity to do one of a few things. People can come to a yoga class if they live in one of the areas where I teach in Surrey. They can contact me by email if they would like me to write or edit for them, though I am planning to allow people to set up appointments via Calendly so that we can speak about their requirements. One of my favourite copywriters, Kira Hug has discovery sessions that have been described as being rather similar to a therapy session, that’s how deep some of us copywriters can go!


The nudge is the same as a trigger and how a company gets customers’ attention. One of the companies that is successfully in the news for this is Lululemon who even in pandemic times are set to expand again. This popular clothing brand started in Vancouver, Canada and spread across the world. Dooley mentions another brand that I’m interested in, LinkedIn and showed how this social media site will include a photo of the user and include it in an advert.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 


The angle is also known as motivation and features an element of physics where the steeper the slide is the faster the move to the finish line. These motivators are both conscious and unconscious.

Freebies are great “angles”. I think CXL gave a fantastic nudge when they asked me to apply for a scholarship for their course. The requirements for the scholarship are also an excellent incentive which will see me through for other courses I go on to do. Ratings and trends are a great subconscious motivators. Using influencers is another motivator such as Jay Shetty who advertises for various companies on his podcast and Oprah Winfrey whose promotion of products has led to what is known as the Oprah effect.


These are the issues tht can arise and can be perceived or real. It’s whether a site is clear or not. For me it’s a website where too much information is required for me to be able to look at the niche. A good example of friction for me are the trading websites albeit in a different way because I had the experience of signing up to a website where you have to put your phone number only to be contacted by scam companies who do not give up easily. I’m now more wary of inserting my phone number onto any website.

Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay 

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I absolutely love the Yoga With Adriene brand. I came across her because of my interest in YouTube and she has done so much to bring yoga to the masses. Although I can sign up to take part in a zoom class, I prefer to put on a YouTube video so that I can practice when I want to. She makes it easier for people by being so consistent and providing monthly classes. Her website is fresh looking and there is no added pressure to pay for anything though she explains what you will get if you pay for a membership for her Find What Feels Good membership community.

When it comes to the names of services and products, I smiled when Dooley started to speak about friction. Although I’m happily married, I’m fair more likely to use my maiden name, Marshall, for work as people tend to find my married name of de Araujo hard to pronounce and spell. Incidentally, it is a Portuguese name that is pronounced exactly as it’s spelt, “de Ara-oo-jo”.

Applied Neuromarketing — Brain Fundamentals

Most of this course is run by Morys who mentions disruptive growth. Basically, any new company comes as a result of a problem with the current offerings. Uber is an excellent example of this. It’s so straightforward to use and I’ve used Uber fairly often over the years. I love that I can use an app and see whereabouts on the map the driver is coming from. I can also rate drivers and choose my favourite ones.

In next week’s blog for the CXL Psychology of Persuasion course week 6, I will be continuing this exploration of applied neuromarketing and touching upon how attention is controlled in advertising and the limbic system of the brain.

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