When You’re up Against a Deadline.

Yes, it’s been weeks, probably even months since I last posted.  When it comes to doing things for other people I can do them quick sharpish but when it comes down to updating my own blog and selling myself and my skills they end up going on the back burner.

What kick-started this particular post was another one I responded to on a Facebook forum that I love, The Copywriter Club.  The members in that forum are among the wittiest I know and although I like to think I have my moments, I still have some way to go before I get into their league.

So without going into too much detail one of the members asked what she should do when she is up against a deadline and she is not feeling motivated at all, she did make reference to PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) , which a close relative of mine suffers from and is a particularly vicious mental illness of which there isn’t enough awareness of.

My response was to share my Pollyanna tendencies and to admit that I have come to love Mondays, in fact, I think as long as someone is not working in a job they hate – a subject that deserves a future blog post of its own! – they can love their Mondays too.  For me, it represents resetting my goals. I mean the most famous one of them all is the diet that starts on Monday. This is one that I can relate to only too well, as I have my own ongoing battles with weight, in spite of my main profession – when not looking after a lively four-year-old boy, is as a yoga teacher.

I have a different dilemma from the original poster as I am prone to suffering from anxiety. At its worst, I can wake up with a complete sense of fear and not know what it’s about as it’s a gut feeling rather than a mind feeling. However, I love something that I learned recently from an amazing Psychology, Coach, and Writer, Caroline Shola Arewa. She referred to anxiety and stress as a reminder to back up and check in with what is happening and more importantly to rest.  There is indeed a saying that a person who is too busy to meditate for 10 minutes needs to meditate for an hour.

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Now, as copywriters, we can be up against crazy deadlines, though I didn’t mention that more recently I’ve been focussing on other editing work, which I have absolutely loved and also the topic of a few future blogs.  For me when anxiety kicks in and it usually kicks in, in the morning I tend to wait for my feelings to land. I hope that it doesn’t sound too cliched here to say that anxiety is like a dark cloud, with the thunder being the frustration and anger and the rain being like tears. If I can be patient enough to know that it will pass I tend to be able to work at a more powerful pace to make up for it.

I’ve never been one to leave things till the last minute.  My dad reminded me of something about himself, which seems straightforward but it’s a great reminder all the same.  He said that he is never late for an event because that in itself makes him anxious.  This is the same with deadlines, some people work better last minute, however, that doesn’t allow for a buffer where things could go wrong.

I’ll leave you with that thought and a special offer to get in touch if you have any editing or writing that you would like help with. Even if you’re a copywriter or editor with too much work on your hands I would love to be of assistance.

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