Calmer Research and Writing


You may not be feeling calm at the moment you could well be feeling really stressed because you’ve hit upon a deadline that you need help with.

This is where I come in. I work with business owners who want to connect with their target audience and I will carry out your research, writing and editing for you.

Although my preferred niche is psychological wellness, I’ve also worked with business owners from other industries.

Leanne wearing a blue outfit looking calm at a wedding.





Stay calm and get in touch with me

                                                        Are you looking for a researcher who can stay calm and still stick to deadlines? 
                                                        I could be the person for you.

                                                       Also a professional yoga teacher, I love finding out more about different businesses and the copy that is                                                            needed to help sell services and products.

                                                       You are most likely to be in the Home and Garden industry as this is where my main niche is found though                                                          I’m open to other areas.

                                                        Let’s discuss more. 




The Blogs


Leanne is excellent. A great communicator, diligent, good attention to detail and picked up the work very quickly. I was really impressed and would thoroughly recommend her.

Rob Denton
Head of Marketing

Leanne is very professional and her personable approach made her easy to deal with.
Communication was clear and timely. The project was completed on time and to a high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for similar projects.

Paul Wilkinson
Wellbeing Business Owner
Latitude Wellness

Leanne is amazing at her work. If you are looking for a professional then look no further. I highly recommend her.


Rasheed Makorie
Business Owner
Novelty Care Services